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Date TBD


Sayulita, Mexico

Mexico (4-Day)

Set amidst lush palm trees & balmy breezes, our 4-day retreat in beautiful Sayulita is an ode to meaningful well-being and moments of joy.

Mexico (4-Day)
Mexico (4-Day)

Time & Location

Date TBD

Sayulita, Mexico

Event Includes

All-inclusive wellness retreat with four nights at a wonderfully restorative boutique hotel in Sayulita, Mexico with transportation to and from the airport.

Restorative Movement

Each morning warmly welcome yourself into the day through restorative yoga classes, peaceful nature walks, and invigorating hikes. All movement activities are focused on honoring what feels good to your body and are always optional.

Guided Meditations

Discover the power of a centering meditation practice through the lens of practicality. Various meditation styles and techniques are taught in short guided sessions to support your well-being beyond the retreat.

Empowering Workshops

Be you, joyfully. Each workshop is designed to guide you to intentionally align with your deepest, truest, most badass self while providing practical, impactful & research-backed tools for increasing your overall well-being and amplifying your joy.

Healing Treatments

We store so much in our bodies - emotions, memories, energy we've absorbed, the list goes on. Detoxify and release what no longer serves you with rejuvenating Ayurvedic massage, plant-medicine therapy, and acupuncture sessions.

(All treatments are included in the cost of your retreat and are fully optional. We encourage you to participate in what you are comfortable with, but no discounts will be given if you choose not to attend any or all of your treatment sessions.)

Joy-Centered Activities

Because life is meant to be enjoyed. Each day includes soul-replenishing and engaging activities to induce a spirit of uplifting energy and demonstrate the importance of making time to simply play.

Time For You

Our daily lives are usually packed to the gills with things to do and places to be. So as an antidote to the typical state of busyness, we've made sure to include ample free time to rest, recharge, and re-energize however you feel you need (or want)!

Balanced Nourishment

Embrace the beautiful harmony between nutrient-rich and good-for-the-soul food and beverages during your stay. Meals are selected by a nutritionist with the intentional focus of delicious and nutritious replenishment, with the accompaniment of mouth-watering desserts and libations to celebrate the essence of pure enjoyment.

Included Meals:

  • Day 1: Dinner
  • Day 2: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Day 3: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Day 4: Breakfast

Light snacks throughout each day will also be provided. Arrangements can be made to include gluten-free and vegan menu options if requested prior to the retreat.

Special Welcome Gift

The mother of all swag bags (wellness edition). Jam-packed with our favorite wellness products and exclusive discounts. TBH, we had so much fun putting these together and can't wait to share all the joy-inducing goodies with you.

A Supportive Community

No one is meant to do it alone. That's why each retreat is designed to foster deep and meaningful connections with like-minded, yet beautifully diverse, individuals. By weaving together the unique perspectives of each attendee and sharing rich and powerful experiences together, an uplifting synergistic energy of empowerment is created - and lasts far longer than the retreat itself.

BONUS: Retreat-Exclusive Discounts

As a gesture to show our appreciation for your support and a gentle encouragement to continue your journey to greater well-being, you will have the opportunity to access retreat-exclusive discounts on all of our coaching packages.

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