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Mini Retreats

A mini retreat with maximum benefits.

Come for the ear seeds, stay for the savasana. 


Restorative Yoga Instruction

A specially designed class to
balance your spirit by gently
releasing any stagnant energy and creating space for joyful abundance.

Bespoke Activity Stations

Curated to celebrate the uniqueness of you. Each station provides customized services and products
to enhance and honor the beauty of your individual wellness journey.

Powerful Sound Bath Meditation

Like a head massage for your soul.

Enter a deeply healing meditative
state and allow an unparalleled state
of peace to wash over you.  

Engaging Workshop

Harness the power of you. Intentionally align with what brings you joy and purpose while learning practical ways to increase your overall well-being.

Premium Swag Bag

Filled to the brim with our favorite wellness products and exclusive discounts to support you in your
pursuit of greater well-being.

BONUS: $50 Off Coupon

As a small gesture to show our appreciation for your support, each
swag bag will also include a coupon
for $50 off a full-length retreat or coaching program.

Like a generously warm hug, our mini retreats are mindfully designed
to amplify the joy & well-being of all who attend.

Looking for more wellness?

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