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Self-Guided Programs

Wellness that works for you.

Because life shouldn't get in the way
of your well-being.

Life is beautiful. And life is crazy.
So we designed all of our self-guided programs to require only 5-minutes a week.
Making time for wellness shouldn't be another thing to worry about.

Why Simply Good Programs?


Only 5 minutes a week with bonus content and activities
if you have the capacity
to dive in more. 


Access to the SG Community
with exclusive members-only
and promotions,
product launches, and more.


Research and 
science-backed content =

The highest level of impact in the minimum amount of time.


We're with you every step of the way with program support from real humans
if you ever need help.


Time to celebrate! Receive a
free gift of your choice*
each time you complete
a program.


We're invested in your success. If you don't feel your well-being has increased, we'll refund
the cost of your program.

*Free gift from a selection of SG products, subject to product availability.

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How it Works


Choose a program that speaks to you.


Once registered, you'll be emailed all the course details.

You can also access these immediately by logging into your account.


Each Sunday morning you'll receive an email with your weekly coursework. (You can also access this by logging into your account.)
This email will also contain a snippet of the bonus material, which is available within your account. 


Work through the course as you can. Remember, it only takes 5 minutes a week to see impactful, lasting results.

Miss a week? Don't fret, wellness is all about the long game.


Well done, you! Choose your free gift, then rinse & repeat...
& repeat again.

Enjoy a 15% discount on all future courses, forever reuse-able.

- SG Launch Special -

$50 Off Wellness 101

Use Code:


12 weeks to a more joyful you. 
Choose your program below.

Looking for more wellness?

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